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Autumn Plants


Pampas Grass, Poaceae
Cortaderia selloana

Mid August - October
A native plant of Argentina and also called "Western pampas grass," this large grass grows to a height of more than 2 meters.

Lespedeza, Fabaceae
Lespedeza thunbergii

Late August - September
Lespedeza is planted on both sides of the museum´s nature trail and creates a "lespedeza path." This plant signals the arrival of autumn.

Liriope muscari, Liliaceae
Liriope platyphylla

Named for its resemblance to orchids, this plant grows wildly within the thicket. Its purple, ear-of-cereal-shaped flowers bloom for a long period and its fruits ripen in a purple black color during September and October.

Toad Lily, Liliaceae
Tricyrtis hirta

September - November
This plant prefers a slightly humid location with partial shade. Its name in Japanese, Hototogisu (little cuckoo bird), was given due to its resemblance to the breast speckle of the little cuckoo.

October Cherry (Prunus×subhirtella cv. Autumnalis), Rosaceae
Prunus×subhirtella cv. Autumnalis

Late September - November / Late March - April
This is a double-flowering cherry tree that blooms in spring and autumn, twice a year. Its flowers can be enjoyed together with the colors of autumn leaves.


Japanese Pampas Grass, Poaceae
Miscanthus sinensis

Known as decoration for the harvest moon and horned owl dolls of the Kishimojin Temple (goddess of childbirth) in Japan. This plant adds to the scenery of Japanese autumn.

Autumn Bellflower (Gentian), Gentianaceae
Gentiana scabra

Late October -
In November this plant appears in many places around the nature trail. Its graceful appearance and dark Edo purple flower remind us of the changes of autumn.


Mountain Maple, Aceraceae
Acer palmatum var. matsumurae

Mid November - Early December
Leaf color changes are delayed in comparison to those in the city.
Around the Swan Lake and nature trail, many people come for the autumn leaves.

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