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Within the lush and green environment of the Hokuso Plateau, adjacent to DIC Central Research Laboratory, the roughly 30 hectare site has over 200 kinds of trees, 500 kinds of plants and is inhabited by many wild birds and insects. While walking on the nature trail that traverses a few hundred meters between the trees, one can closely experience the changes of the four seasons.

Hours :
9:30 - 17:00 (last admission 16:30)
Closed :
Mondays (except national holidays, then closed next non-holiday)
New Year’s holiday, exhibit changes
Grounds Admission :
College students and older   200yen (Visitors to the Gardens only)
*Admission is free for Museum ticket holders and visitors with disability pass.

To visitors to the Gardens

  • Please refrain from entering with pets. (Guide dogs , hearing dogs and mobility service dogs are allowed.)
  • Riding motorcycles or bicycles on the grounds is not allowed. Please park them in the parking area.
  • Picking plants or picking up animals to take out of the grounds is prohibited.
  • Playing with balls or other equipment that might accidently hit other people is prohibited.
  • Water areas are dangerous. Do not enter the ponds or streams.
  • Bringing alcoholic beverages into the grounds is prohibited.
  • Smoking is permitted only in the designated Smoking Area.
  • Please obey any instructions given by our staff when using the premises.
  • Please take your trash with you when you leave.

To people sketching in the Gardens

  • Please refrain from actions that may block the passage of other visitors.
  • Please refrain from disposing of water/thinner used for washing brushes on the grounds. Take all such wastes with you when you leave.

Plants of Four Seasons

Spring Plants

Summer Plants

Autumn Plants

Winter Plants

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