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Winter Plants


Sasanqua, Theaceae
Camellia sasanqua

November - January
This plant blooms modestly between November and January and adds color to the winter season with few flowers.

Spear Flower, Myrsinaceae
Ardisia crenata

November - around May
Flowers bloom from July to August. Starting in November, many red berries appear at the warm bottom of the forests.


Narcissus, Amaryllidaceae
Narcissus tazetta var.chinensis

December - April
Under the soft winter sun, white flowers bloom with a sweet scent. (surrounding the Water Lily pond)


Adonis, Ranunculaceae
Adonis amurensis

February - Mid March
Surprisingly, in comparison to the height of this 2-3cm plant, it blooms a beautiful large yellow golden flower that is roughly 3cm diameter.


Mealy Primrose, Ranunculaceae
Hepatica nobilis

Its blooming pink and purple flowers from the bank of the nature trail to the entrance of the museum signal that spring is coming soon.

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