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updated : December 16

Concerning the End of Japanese Art Exhibits and Gallery Renovation

The Kawamura Memorial DIC Museum of Art boasts a proud collection of artworks, the core of which is an acclaimed collection of works of the Abstract Expressionists and artists of the ensuing generations, and as a museum we have adopted a policy making acquisitions that will expand and enrich this core collection. In line with this new policy, the Museum acquired a Cy Twombly sculpture Untitled in September 2016, and we will continue to make acquisitions aimed at basing our collection and future exhibitions solidly in modern contemporary art.

In accordance with this new collection policy, the Museum has terminated exhibition of its holdings in traditional Japanese painting as of December 3rd 2017, and will proceed to transfer ownership of these works to other Japanese museums and private collectors. Among the Museum’s former Japanese art holdings, transfer of Tohaku Hasegawa’s Crows and Herons, which is designated an Important Cultural Property by the government of Japan, has already been completed along with official registration under the regulations of the Bureau of Cultural Affairs. Concerning transfer of other works, the Museum will decline from releasing the details of transfer as private transaction.

As for the gallery formerly used for displaying the traditional Japanese art collection, the glass display cases will be removed and the gallery renovated to make it suitable for displaying a wider range of art works from the collection before planned reopening in the spring of 2018. The Tea Room adjacent to this gallery will remain open after the gallery’s renovation.

The Museum will be closed for the duration of the renovations, and for this inconvenience we ask for your kind understanding. We also wish to express our appreciation to visitors who have enjoyed our traditional Japanese art exhibits over the years.

Kawamura Memorial DIC Museum of Art
Director, Masami Okuma

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