The Museum will be closed for building renovations until July 2 (Fri.)

  • The shuttle bus service and expressway buses from Tokyo Station to the Museum have been suspended.
  • Click here for information about grounds/garden area access.

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Advance Reservation System
Resumption of Shuttle Bus and Expressway Bus service

As countermeasures for the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, The Museum is now open for limited hours on an advance reserved ticket basis. In light of other changes in Museum operation to combat the coronavirus pandemic, such as suspension of free admission to the Museum grounds, please read the following before planning a visit.
We ask for your kind understanding and cooperation regarding these unavoidable inconveniences. Future changes in the present conditions may lead to further changes in the Museum’s rules of operation. For up-to-date information about these rules please refer to our official website.

Changes in Museum Operations

  • The museum hours will be shortened to 10:30 to 16:00 (last admission at 15:30).
  • Free open admission to the grounds and gardens is suspended. Access to the Restaurant, Gift Shop and other on-ground facilities is restricted to holders of advance (admission) tickets acquired online or membership identification for the Museum Friends, Partners or individual Supporters.
  • From Oct. 30 (Fri), access solely to the Restaurant is only permitted on weekdays. Be sure to make a prior reservation by phone (043-498-0848).

Requests to Our Visitors

  • Prior to your visit, please purchase a digital admission ticket for your preferred date and time. Holders of the various types of invitation tickets, an exhibition invitation envelope must also make visit reservations. For the time being, same-day admission tickets will not be sold at the Museum.
  • Group reservations will be suspended. Please refrain from visiting the Museum as groups.
  • We ask that people with a temperature of over 37.5 degrees Celsius, cold symptoms, lack of taste or smelling disorders, and people who have come to Japan from abroad in the past two weeks, refrain from visiting the Museum. 
  • Be sure to bring a mask and wear it when visiting the Museum.
  • Your temperature will be taken by non-contact sensor when entering the Museum. Even people with a prior reservation will not be permitted to enter the Museum with a temperature of over 37.5 degrees Celsius.
  • The number of seats in the restaurant will be halved, and we recommend that you make telephone reservations in advance (043-498-0848). If the seats are full, there is a possibility you may not be able to use the restaurant.

Other infection countermeasures are as follows

  • If the museum galleries or shops become overly crowded, you may be asked to wait temporarily before entering.
  • Hand sterilizer will be placed at the facility entrances and sterilization practice will be enforced for all.
  • Use of water fountains in the museum will be prohibited.
  • Museum staff dealing with visitors will wear masks, face shields and gloves.
  • Protective shields will be hung at cash register counters.
  • Rental of Guide headsets will be suspended.
  • Events in the Museum such as Guided Tours and Talks/Seminars, etc., will be suspended.

Shuttle Buses and Expressway Bus

Operation of the Shuttle Buses from the Keisei and JR Sakura stations is suspended until Oct. 29 (Thur).

Shuttle Buses from the Keisei and JR Sakura stations

From Oct. 30 (Fri), service will resume twice a day on a reservation basis. When purchasing your Museum admission ticket on the ticket sales website, make a reservation for a round-trip shuttle bus ticket (free of charge) if desired.
Museum Friends or Supporter members need only reserve the round-trip shuttle bus ticket.
*Visitors accessing only the Restaurant are asked to refrain from using the Shuttle Bus.

<A Ticket>
To the Museum: 10:30 from Keisei Sakura Station│10:40 from JR Sakura Station│11:00 arrival at Museum
Return from the Museum: 13:30

<B Ticket>
To the Museum: 13:30 from Keisei Sakura Station│13:40 from JR Sakura Station│14:00 arrival at Museum
Return from the Museum: 16:15

*Issuing of reservations stops when bus seating limit is reached.
*Coronavirus countermeasures including limiting passenger number and ventilation, etc., are taken.
*Bring and wear your own face mask.
*Thermometry tests performed. Be aware that visitors tested with a temperature of over 37.5 C. will not be allowed to board the buses.
*Give the driver your name when boarding.

Expressway Bus from Tokyo Station

Service is resumed from Oct. 30 (Fri). Reservations are not required.

Buying and Booking a Day/Time Reserved Ticket

Before visiting the Museum, be sure to buy a day/time reserved digital ticket from the website shown below. The tickets can only be bought with a credit card. We do not accept reservations by telephone.
Reservations are required even for holders of the various types of invitation tickets or an exhibition invitation envelope.

Access the Museum, grounds and facilities during the designated hours
After checking in, visitors are free to access the grounds and adjacent facilities until 16:00

A Ticket hours: 10:30-13:00 *Approved Museum access
B Ticket hours: 13:00-15:30 *Approved Museum access

*Museum entry is not on a rotational basis. After completing the entrance procedure, visitors are free to move around the Museum and other facilities at will until closing time.
*The admission ticket enables access to all exhibits in the Museum as well as access to the grounds, restaurant and other facilities.

  • Holders of the various types of invitation tickets or an exhibition invitation envelope should choose the “Invitation holder (reservation only)” ticket. In this way, you will not be billed for the ticket.
  • No more than five tickets can be purchased at one time. No group reservations are accepted.

*If ticket purchasers cancel their visit to the Museum for personal reasons, no refunds will be made.
*If the Museum has to be closed again due to a renewed increase in virus infections, bad weather or natural disaster, refunds will be made. However, refunds for transportation or hotel/lodging fees, etc., are not possible.

Entrance Procedure

  • At the Information Desk, please show the online ticket on your smartphone. If your reservation is not made by smartphone, show a print-out copy of the online ticket.
  • Holders of admission identification other than an “Adult” ticket, please show one of the following:
    Student ID / Proof of Age over 65 / Disability Certificate / Invitation / Exhibition Invitation envelope

Go to the digital ticket sales website

*Tickets are on sale weekly from 10:00 on Friday for the days of Tuesday until Sunday of the following week.
*Tickets for January 5 (Tue.) to 11 (Mon.) will be on sale from December 25 (Fri.) 10:00.