The Museum will be closed for building renovations until July 2 (Fri.)

  • The shuttle bus service and expressway buses from Tokyo Station to the Museum have been suspended.
  • Click here for information about grounds/garden area access.

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Extended Museum Closed Period:
Access to the grounds/gardens and Shuttle Bus operation

From January 12 (Tue.) to July 2 (Fri.) the Museum will be closed for extensive building renovation. The grounds/garden areas will remain open, but please be informed that the shuttle bus service will be suspended. The operating schedule for the various facilities is as shown below.

Jan. 12 (Tue.) to Mar. 21 (Sun.)
・ Restaurant - open
・ Gift shop - closed
・ Grounds/gardens - some areas closed

Mar. 23 (Tue.) to July. 2 (Fri.)
Restaurant - open
・ Gift shop - open
・ Grounds/gardens - open

*Click here for the Museum Calendar

About access to the grounds/gardens

Open 10:30-16:00
Grounds Admission Free
No reservations are needed to access the grounds/gardens
*Changes in conditions may necessitate revision of the operating methods. For the latest information, please access the Museum website.

Shuttle Bus

Operation suspended from Jan. 12 (Tue.) to July 2 (Fri.)

Museum schedule in the near future

Dec. 1 (Tue.) to Dec. 24 (Thur.), 2020
Collection Display

Closed Dec. 25 (Fri.), 2020 to Jan. 4 (Mon.), 2021
Year end, New Year’s holidays

Jan. 5 (Tue.) to Jan 11 (Mon./holiday)
Collection Display

Jan. 12 (Tue.) to July 2 (Fri.)
Only grounds/gardens open

Autumn 2021
Special exhibition