To Our Museum Visitors
Measures taken for infection prevention and our requests

At our museum we take measures to prevent infection. We ask for your understanding and cooperation with them.


The Museum’s Coronavirus Countermeasures

・ Museum employees will take proper health measures and always wear facial masks on the job.
・ Ventilation measures are taken in the museum facilities and free shuttle buses and surfaces touched by visitors and staff are regularly sterilized.
・ At the entrance to each facility, we have placed sterilizing hand spray and non-contact clinical thermometers.


Requests to Our Visitors

・ Refrain from visiting the Museum with a temperature (fever) of cold symptoms.
・ Wearing of facial masks in or around the Museum is at visitor discretion.
  Note that you may be asked to wear a mask to prevent infections in certain cases (during special events, etc.)
・ Depending on the degree of crowding in the buildings, please understand that visitors may be asked to wait temporarily before entering.